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The easiest way to deal vehicles and maximize profits.

OFFTHEBLOCKSALES.com is changing the way auto dealers do business. Add up all the money and time you spend on the traditional auction process – the fees, the transportation, the hours spent preparing inventory, and the time spent at the auction. By eliminating those expenses, OFFTHEBLOCKSALES.com helps you to keep all that money in your pocket.  There's a more profitable convenient solution to wholesaling vehicles and it's through OFFTHEBLOCKSALES.com.

Through years of experience and lots of lessons learned the hard way, we've seen all aspects of the car business and understand dealers' struggles. We've created a more efficient way to locate inventory, and keep the vehicle cost as low as possible allowing you to make and save more money when you retail or wholesale inventory. We'll help you keep fresh inventory on your lot without losing money cycling out aged inventory.

Through OFFTHEBLOCKSALES.com, you can close deals anytime, all from your laptop, phone or tablet. It's time to take your business to the next level.